Weightlifting Camp

Weightlifting Camp

We are excited to announce the establishment of the Ma Strength Weightlifting Camp. This is an exclusive opportunity to experience the Chinese weightlifting system and take your lifting and knowledge to the next level. Currently we hold a summer and winter camp.

During a camp you will:

  1. Have the rare opportunity to be coached individually by Chinese professional coaches.
  2. Learn about the elements of the Chinese training system through unique seminars.
  3. Engage in professional training alongside high-level male and female Chinese weightlifters and learn from their success.
  4. Immerse yourself in Chinese weightlifting culture
  5. Leave the camp with the knowledge and experience to be a more effective lifter and coach.


The application process is open and we are currently accepting applications.

    • For more information about our Summer camp, go here:
    • For more information about our Winter camp, go here:


If you cannot make it this year, please consider hosting or attending one of our technique clinics of coaching seminars. For additional questions and registration, please email us at chineseweightlifting@gmail.com

Learn more about our Level I Seminar
Learn more about our Level II Seminar
Learn more about our Level III Seminar

  • A huge thanks to Coach Manuel Buitrago and Coach Jianping Ma for putting on a seminar at Crossfit Greensboro on 2/7. The quality of coaching is unmatched. We shared laughs, some good food, and more USEABLE knowledge about weightlifting than I had previously received from any other source. The seminar is perfect for any athlete at any level. The elegance and simplicity of the coaching cues has allowed my to quiet my mind while lifting and let things happen, instead of struggling for every kilo. Everything feels much more natural, and just about everyone at my gym agrees. If you get a chance to attend the seminar, you should make all efforts to be there. It was a truly awesome experience and I feel blessed and fortunate to have been a part of it.

    John Steiner
  • Attended the Ma Strength seminar this past weekend and already have a great story to share. We have a CrossFit regionals athlete who has had issues with receiving the bar on his snatch. By tweaking his receiving position to what we learned from the Ma Strength camp, he immediately was receiving the bar in an extremely stable position. This new position for him is a major game changer. Takeaway from the weekend ... it's highly unlikely that you won't take something positive away from this seminar. Especially when you are learning from a Coach with such a long history (over 40 years) of competing and coaching at the highest level in the world. If you get the chance, go to a Ma Strength Seminar....it's well worth it!!

    Scott Cereghino
  • I took what I learned from the seminar this last weekend to training today. By far the most consistent, high-quality training session I've ever had. HUGE thanks to Coach Ma and Coach Manuel for their help and knowledge!

    Craig Orwin
  • Coach, today was the first day I've walked out of the gym without knee pain. Thanks again for a great seminar!

    Chet Lau
  • Many thanks to Ma Strength coaches Jian Ping Ma and Manuel Buitrago for their outstanding technique clinic held at my gym Tough Temple CrossFit this past weekend. Having been coached by many great coaches over the past three years, and becoming a coach of the olympic lifts myself, I can say the level of understanding and insight offered by these two coaches is truly great. Their ability to teach the principles of the lifts, and refining the mastery of the lifts to 5 key elements, makes the lifts much easier to understand for beginners, and allows more experienced lifters easier things to remember to help refine technique without getting lost in the complexity of the lift. I look forward to hosting another clinic with Ma Strength in the near future. Thanks again!

    John Weeks
  • I'd like to thank you guys for hosting a great seminar and giving us the opportunity to learn from the best athletes and coaches in the world! As a coach and a lifter I definitely value the chance to connect with these athletes /coaches to gain not only knowledge, but definitely perspective on the sport of weightlifting. Again thanks for the opportunity and I will definitely participate and encourage others to participate in anything you guys hold in the future!

    Jerell M. Barber
  • I've attended quite a few olympic lifting clinics in the past 6-7 years, including private camps with Olympic Medalists and a Camp with Team USA at the Olympic Training Center, but this weekend's clinic with Jianping Ma and Manuel Buitrago has been my favourite so far. Usually when you get an elite lifter from a non english speaking country (even with a translator) a lot gets lost through the language barrier and the quality of instruction plummets. This was not the case with these guys and I thought they did an excellent job-so much so that we will be looking to have them back to run another clinic in the future for those who missed out on this one. If you have the opportunity, contact Ma Strength and get them into your club.

    Tommy Caldwell